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Business Requirements, Project Management and Implementation

Knowing a change needs to be delivered

I will either complete the full process independently or work with your team to see the outcomes delivered.

From understanding the needs and intended outcomes, what the requirements are, the management and delivery of the project scope in a timebound and measurable manner,  through to the release of the outcomes, training and tracking of the delivery.

I can deliver segments or the full apckage, I will work with you to cater to your needs.

Process Advisor & Consultant

Does your business need an insight into its processes and operations.

I assess how your business operates and performs in  the current state and gain insight into where you want to be and why.

What the timeframes are and barriers in your way.

I provide a full overview and provide the steps that will get you where you need to be.

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Team Behavior Profiling Workshop

You are unique; just like everyone else

When you combine a group of people and ask them to work towards a common goal you have a team.

Not one person will think the same, respond, the same, work the same or relate the same.

We all have unique quirks and these can complement or cause conflict within the team.

Helping people who have to spend hours a week together in a space under various pressures can create tensions, frustrations and misunderstandings.

Taking a team through behavior profiling created understanding, realisations and a new way to work within their team.  

Who am I?

My background and training

I have been in the Banking Sector for over twenty years.  During that time have have undertaken various roles from Relationship Banking, Business Banking and Rural Banking and Asset Management Realization to extensive Projects.

I have worked on multi million dollar projects. Working on the replacement of a core banking system.  Leading product walkthroughs, developing and running training for staff, producing extensive documentation and reporting.  Reviewing and assessing existing end to end business processes and products.

Rationalization of business products, assessing the product features and combining and grandfathering non-current products.

Scoping and seeing the development, delivery and tracked use of an online platform.

The scope, and development and delivery of the an Operating Manual for for a specific specialized Unit.  Process refinement, template standardisation and role refinement and structure.  Team training and measurements of the redefined processes.

Behavioral profiling using the DISC system.

My key qualification include -

- Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

- Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching

- Certificate in Abundance Coaching

- NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

- Rational Emotive Behavioral Mindset Life Coach

- Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

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